Leak Revealed!

One of the playtesters leaked what seems to be a June or July test build of Revision. Underneath the installation instructions of the Read Me, he penned an amusing diatribe, which I left unedited. I also included the 2013 demo for historical purposes:

Download (total: ~445 MB)

Attention! For best results, the mods recommend the following:

Not really. New Vision contains the renderer and Kentie’s launcher. Download that first, then swap up the launcher included with a fresh up to date version from his site.

Start the game and test if it works, New Vision textures should show up. Then download the HDTP installer (http://www.moddb.com/games/deus-ex/downloads/hdtp-beta-release-2-installer).

Verify that this combination works by starting the game, items like the Pistol should have a new model.

Shifter install is the most annoying bit, but it’s not that hard.Download it and place it in DeusEx\System\Shifter (the .int file needs to go into DeusEx\System though). Make sure Shifter is the highest thing in the Data Directories, above HDTP.

Just Pissin’ in the Wind

Deus Ex Revision is an upcoming mod for what is possibly one of the greatest games of all time.  It promises “a complete re-imagining of the world of Deus Ex”. On their website, Caustic Creative goes on to state

We improve the design of many locations, create a complete original soundtrack to accompany the experience, and add new world-building narrative detail.

But don’t hold your breath! The mod has been “upcoming” since 2013 or 2014, depending on which you believe. To make things more interesting, the ameteur modders forestalled their own release by convening with Square Enix (who currently owns the Deus Ex franchise) over a vaguely worded promotional deal, the details of which are scarce at best:

click to view cryptic excuses

click to view cryptic excuses

Source: Moddb comments p. 40

These comments display two contradictory sentiments: diffident milquetoasts afraid to “work against a big co[o]peration” and break “business rules and formalities”, and confident surefoots who “won’t throw away everything” now that they “are on the finish line”.  To the dismay of drama-lovers everywhere, the comments section descends thitherward into a mælstrom of paranoia, conspiracy theories, cryptic replies from the team, and other assorted AIDS.

But we denizens are not thespians, so let us sensibly forsake the drama and ask ourselves why. Why should Revision fear Square Enix, when all the other DX mods were released without retaliatory lawsuits? Why would a game with a free SDK otherwise place restrictions on a free mod like Revision? That is, assuming this ever had to do with intellectual property (“copyright”) in the first place. Last July, someone goaded Caustic Creative into spilling a few beans:

don’t hold your breath for revision. they keep pushing the release date for a while now, always saying that its complete and giving cryptic excuses.

It might be great when it’s released, but atm, consider it vaporware.

To which Caustic replied:

Ugh, I find that offensive. So much hard work being put in to hear someone say that. Look, we don’t really want to be cryptic but we have to due to NDA’s and such.

Source: Steam Community

Why would a free, unreleased mod require corporate secrecy sealed by non-disclosure agreements?  In that thread, members decry a possible Steam-only release, but Caustic Creative, having said too much already, neglected to dispel the rumors, perhaps out of deference to their newfound corporate overlords. Speculation aside, it does not behoove Caustic to make the alleged Steam deal, when they cannot financially benefit on account of not being copyright holders. Nor will many wish to buy the game for the second, third, or fourth time, just to play a single mod, making this an equally dumb deal on the corporate side of things. That might explain the oddly pre-emptive advertisements posted here and here, perhaps as damage control or as a scale-tipping maneuveur.

Frankly, this whole conspiratorial clusterfuck bears the distinct odor of bullshit marinated in corporate cuckoldry, with a sprig of amateurishness, and topped off by an utter lack of candor. No wait, that would be the crumbs littered throughout my neckbeard.